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Priority Seat On Public Transport.

Priority seats
meant for the weak
like old people, small children
and pregnant women.

Sometimes they were occupied
by the strong young guys
who pretended to doze off
or played cell phone so engrossed,
totally ignoring the weak,
and to an angry look, they gave no heed.

A young man was asked to let the seat.
He then started to punch and beat
until an old man became black and blue.
He was arrested and sued.

A group of rowdy young passengers
went into a violent scuffle,
with parents of a 2 year-old-daughter
over a seat in a train of India Railway,
which was always sardine-packed every day.
During the fight, the girl was thrown out of window.
Heavy crash to her head with gush of blood flow
she died an instant death.
Their parents painfully wept.

It is so sad
to lose the etiquette
of the so-called civilised modern human
who is no better than a cave man

(based on true story) 2010.9.16

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