Poem By Parthaproteem Roy

It was that cloudy yet a blissful day of July,
All my years were gone in lullaby.
The roads were cleaned and the houses looked new,
Looking out of the windows, Oh! I still remember that view.

It was a last night rain, drenched my lush green backyard.
Relieved my eyes, they were tired.
Saw a fetch of dragonflies enjoyed their flight,
Heard the frogs croaking, lurked in that sight.

It was that time, unaware of any cheers,
The flute of happiness, played a song in my ears
As I turned and saw that blue butterfly,
Poking some hyacinths and flying up in the sky

It was like something, she wanted to say,
Urged my heart to be, always happy and gay,
Like a pollen, she was rambling all around.
Near that wall, she flirted a snail and made a flapping sound,

It was near that pond, I saw her last.
Hid inside a lotus, to save her from a gust,
I doubt, she might have gone to the pole star.
Still enters my mind, as the door is ajar

Comments about Prism

Saw a fetch of dragonflies. Liked that combo picked up the rhyme with drenched. Good work. My poems are under Captain Cur, if your interested.
I really really like the Still enters my mind, as the door is ajar image. A great sentiment to represent the wondering mind.

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