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Prismatic Shadow

Your prismatic shadow
Bursting fiery cascaded softness
Into mine
And I have fallen once again
From grace
Submerged and drowned again
Into a moment of want and need
Softness touched my face
And I left down my barriers
Let it flow into your lips
Your fingers tracing
My hips
Until once again we fit
I hold onto this air around me
And seek to be more
Guided only by my past
We rock and sway
I look into your eyes for more
You look back but only feel
The heat that emanates
From years of hunger
Pretend it was all for the thrill
You spill out
And we have finished this dance
But I am still twirling around
In my mind
Swirling around
Banging into corners
Hitting walls with my numbness
Crashing onto coarse familiarity
Preceded with usual benign banter
Flowing words that mean nothing
But how I wish they did
How I need them to be right
Just this once
Just this one time

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