To Say I Care

A small little pat on the back
or a simple thanks
is all that it takes to show
that I care for you, sure.

A simple hug
or just a smile
alittle concern
for a single time
shows that I care, for you

A little scolding
or a little comforting
that you do, just shows
I care for you, loung and old

But at the end
of all this thing
I just wish to tell
to you all

Caring may not be so hard
but just is not an easy task
just care for all the world and see
the world will care for thee
the world will care for thee

'Dedicated to Sagar Bhandari, 'a friend for whom I care a lot for' '

by Gaurav Bhaduri

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God is the creator of light and in the reflection all things HE has created... :)