i would give up life itself
just to escape this prison
that you call a home
i hate it here
i regret every step i take in this house
to this day
I'm still trying to get away
i don't know if i can take 3 more years of this shit
trying to bend the bars
but there holding me back
there never gonna let me go
i need someones help
but i don't trust anyone
not even myself
don't know what to do
no one to turn to
everything i try to do
just gets fucked up
don't even try to tell me you understand
cause you don't, you cant
you don't know what i think about
or what happens when you leave
you haven't felt the same pain i have
so go ahead lie to me
say you understand how i feel
try to make me feel better
but it wont work
there just words to me
no meaning at all
I'm clawing at the bars
i wont give up
the pain inside me, wont let me
i will escape
i will be free
i will be happy

by jessie warren

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