Prison Of Love

why does love have to be this way
why cant we all just be together and float away
away from this world we call home
into a place of no sorrow and no regret

trapped in a prison of love
will I ever be let out
or do I have to be held tight like a glove
living with this fear and doubt
shouting with pain and hiding in the dark
like a night in centrel park
to be let free of this torture
or will I be loved no more

a place we all can sleep with no worries on what will break r hearts the next day
all we have to worry about is what we are gonna eat whats on the tv
there will be no rain no wind just sunny days

dose love really have to be this way only one and no other
no one else to hold your hand no one else to share your heart with
you must decide if u love her
and shes the one and only one you wanna sleep with

by Elliott Gilbert

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are you saying you'd rather love everyone that just one person? or opposite?