Age With Grace

Well we all have to age
some day
one day
but age we must gracefully
not many come to hold our hands
maybe contagious
may be you will seek
so stay afar
don't ever expect
you will have no disappointment said Buddha ere

but now a day's who listens
one listener is rare
so I read you
I don't stare

I see myself like you without hair
eyes dark stark and bare
and look into the far depths of maddening darkness
but with no despair

I compose my thoughts like you do
We must age as you do...

So read my poem
She smiles still into my eyes
half a century gone by she smiles in anticipation
we may meet in the far corners of the universe
where we may retreat

alas we will never
but Hope lives on still
more in me than in her Will

by me poet yeps poet

Comments (1)

a poem with a will to age gracefully? sadly not all will! ......................nicely penned friend.