(12 February 1923 - 3 September 2003 / New York City, New York)

The Sound Of Your Voice

When I hear your voice, the universe explodes around me.
Drowning me, submerging me in delight.Entices my restless spirit and calls it hauntingly all throughout the night.

Sets these feet dancing.
Continues on gracing my life, eternally enhancing.What is your voice to me?

It’s a fine musical symphony to these thirsting ears.Calms me, caresses me, comforts me, and chases away my fears.Sets these cheeks aflame.

Oh, if only that voice could be only mine to claim! How can I ever capture your reverent, intoxicating sighs? Be that bold, sensational love in your eyes?

When you tell me you love me.Gravity no longer even exists.My being merely floats only on your love, lightly on its mist.

When you told me you loved me.I was intoxicated, breathless, and giddy.You spun my world off its axis and it hasn’t stopped spinning.

Do you know what I hear in your voice? A whisper, a longing, a searching tone.It found my heart strings and took them captive.Never to release them or leave them alone.

Never Ever

When your words of love reach me.My eyes are brimming with tears.Streaming down my face freely uncontrolled in their course.Because of the magnitude of the depth and the nature of this love.

Can you see now why I’m never gone from you? You’ve stolen my heart and you’re tightly grasping the key.I don’t expect it will ever return to me.

In your voice I hear the patience and the serene probing of a lover.When I hear your voice my mind flies away and my heart rules the day.

Your whispers, your laughs, your sighs. Now do you know what your voice is to me?
So much, so dear, so close, so full of beauty.

Dear, don’t you see? Of anyone but you what do I care? I’m madly in love with YOU and your voice and there’s none left to spare.

Your voice roams my dreams and sets my spirit free.Darling, I’m in love with YOU, oh, so desperately.

So, Love of mine. That's what your voice is to me.
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