It would be my joy to break free
Find freedom from these waves of insanity
To break free, be like a bird
A white dove, to soar above the earth
That I’d be free of the waves, tosses and turns of the restless sea
Stand in the sun, soak up its light, and have light be a part of me
To be free, not caged, ever burdened but light
Weightless as a feather, or a butterfly white
No more of this struggle, guilt felt since I was a boy
That I should taste such freedom indeed would be my joy.
That I would soar without a care
Far away, nowhere near
This cage, this box, mind chest without a key
That in it I would leave, my every insecurity
Any guilt felt, sadness, or the smallest regret
That I would close it tightly, my life be reset.
Casting of the chains that bind my feet
My destiny I’d be so eager to meet
Remove myself from this endless round
And step into the gladness my soul has yet not found
Oh, to soar above the waves of the restless sea
Not caged any longer, but forever free

by Modupeola Williams

Comments (3)

I can smell the salty air... I taste true freedom. Your imagery is so strong! Good work..
This is an amazing poem! Your descrptive words provide great imagery, I love it!
wow! ..this is an awesome poem..its definately going into my favorites..its very well written and i felt every word of it..i went somewhere outside myself while i was reading going to read it again now..thanks for sharing