Prisoner Of A Promise

Darling, love can wait
And it will wait for you
A man whose love is true
Will stay and prove his best

If a man comes along
And offer you his kingdom
Beware of him, leave him alone
Say sorry but I can build some

My father says...

Baby, look forward and on
Success is just beyond
Grab it then as you did to the moon
And you will succeed in the long time run

I agree with your Ma
Love can wait for you
Don't set your mind in a dilemma
Follow us 'cause what we say is true

And then I say...

Yes, love can wait
Don't you worry, my dears
I promise not to fall in love
Until I am through in college

Yes, I am a prisoner
Prisoner of a promise so rare
Never shall I give my heart to any man
Until I reach the age of twenty one

by Little Star

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