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Prisoner Of Angels
EM (7/20 / Brawley, CA)

Prisoner Of Angels

Poem By Eli MorenoDrew

It is my belief,
That you have been held captive
in the City of Angels.
Angels force you to model and
have the time of your life,
Just so I can miss you.

And they sent out spy Angels
to spy on me so you don't leave my head.
They mess with my car to make it drive
past your house.
And they convince you to call me
while I write this.
And they rig my random music to play the songs
that remind me of you.
Just so I can miss you.

I'd hate to be the Devil
But I would if it meant I could
Fight these Angels.
To free you,
and me
Just so I won't miss you.

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Comments (2)

iPod. iTouch. iShuffle. Each note of each song is a memory yet to be and the chorus of life is set to repeat. Play it again Eli.
I have the feeling way to much. lol must be Hells Angles ;) Good write, if I do say so.