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Prisoner Of Love
(7/12/1964 / Michigan)

Prisoner Of Love

Poem By Shelly Price

I picked up my pen and I started to write,
about the many things I was feeling today.
But there simply were no words to express,
the heaviness that my heart had to convey.

Verses of beautifully written poetry in the past,
always came to me with such wonder and ease.
Words would flow like magic from my head,
like that of a gentle blowing summer breeze.

Today I was utterly and completely wordless,
not a single rhyme could I muster in my head.
The gentle breeze suddenly stopped blowing,
and I realized that my poetry in motion was dead.

What a horrific shock it was for me to discover,
that what I thought was all along...wasn't at all.
The man I had freely given so much of myself to,
had taken all he could and then set me up to fall.

Without a second thought he disgraced me,
his intentions where never genuine, never real.
My punishment for giving my heart to this man,
is the continued agonizing pain that I feel.

Yes...I suppose it's for the best that it ended,
although I can't for the life of me tell you why.
I've never had to loose someone I loved before,
loosing HIM makes me want to curl up and cry.

There is no sunshine in my world these days,
only a steadfast cloud of confusion and pain.
It follows me where ever I go...like his ghost,
the skeletons of our past are all that remain.

How sad and how unfortunate I still want him,
I couldn't NOT, no matter how hard I tried.
We don't get to choose who we fall in love with,
we only get to hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

I am weak and vunerable when it comes to him,
I've become ignorant about what's best for me.
I am blind to all his faults...I see only perfection,
I'm a prisoner of love and don't want to be free.

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