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Prisoner Of Sentiment

A hi from you I so desire
Gallant Romeo, standing firm
Tickling my fancy at sudden sight
My beaming heart catching signals
Of awakenings needed soonest.

Such helpless state fallen by
Floating high at sudden wind
Into bright blue atmosphere
With radiations of light
Passing freely across my brain.

Come ye Samson, set me free
Free thy burden upon my head
Break thy chains holding strong
On heart of mine beating in fear
Tortured affection, helpless slave
Struck and captured by sentiment.

With vibrations passing through veins
Electrifying my stiff bones
On instincts to act in accord
Impulse to do thy unusual deed
Spilling on table all to thee
If need arise, making it so.

Such handsome gaze a longing
By pleasing eyes on charms
Of gallant a brave knight
Like Gawain of Arthur's court
Sending shivers a shake at hand
On gentlemanly manner of chivalry.

Take notice my noble lad
And compassion down at heart
In setting free thy stiff petal
In need of you, thy noble touch
For yes at you, swift to come
Thy fateful day of noble interest
Laid on I in setting me free
As prisoner of sentiment
In need of freedom granted by thee.

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Delightful poem! Talking about a girl having a crush on a guy who has no interest in her. So she says these poetic lines, patiently waiting for the day he would develop his feelings of love towards her.