Halloween War

The wicked witch, Hazel, has started a war
She’s taken it to a new level..too far
Trick or treat as we know it may have to end
Tiddles brings in a present from in the grass
It’s a rat with a banger stuffed up it’s a**e
Hazel wants no part of it
But the look on the rat's face makes her laugh
tiddles can’t understand why his master runs
and she is met at the door by kids with catapults and airguns
she takes off on the broom trying to get away
but the bristles are shot and begin to fall away
oh heck, the bloody fuse is lit
and any minute now, she’ll be covered in s**t.
Halloween longings.

Witch Hazel is lonesome.. brooding
But neither gentle purrs nor soft meows is soothing
Dressed to kill she pops out on her broom
She spies on children in their gardens and rooms
Cheerful faces and glints in their eyes
Softens her heart and she even cries
Uninvited she attends a party
Pumpkin faces are all the smiles she receives
But with a smart spell produces candy, the kids are relieved
The wicked witch is now in heaven
Because right now, among the children, she’s forgiven.

by brian roy skyers

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