In the privacy of my fallow land
Ecstasy grows
In the wilderness of the mind
And the body refuses to cope
Trying hard to be infirm
And make the mind senile.

I have seen
Tomorrow never comes
For those who wait for it
To do the things they always wished to
And yesterday is a favourite place
For more than most
To hang out and ruminate
Lost moments that germinate
And spread their roots
Like the great banyan tree
Refusing to die a death long overdue.

While today I water
Those ecstatic moments
Clipping occasionally
Those memories I wish to forget
And try hard to rub and wash
Scrubbing everyday
To maintain cleanliness
In the wilderness
Of the fallow land
My privacy is compromised
As memories that make me blind
To today's gift of time
Open floodgates bittersweet
Giving a damn to my entreaties
Now lost in a maze of time.

by Shruti Goswami

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