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When can you get the moment to be at ease
That was before, the prying eyes came to be
You search for answers, to why
And yet the others are watching day and night
When things are not suppose to be
The people responsible somehow are set free
The tears you cry are from within
But the lurking eyes, are still a sin
The moment you think, you can cry in peace
When those around try harder to see
It's amazing how the curious eye can be
Wanting to know, but it shouldn't be
Thinkin that they have every right
And you on defense, when you fight(literally)
When does the privacy, make it's way
Because so many are watching everyday
I think to myself, how can this be?
When I have every right to my own Privacy
Those who watch think it's their right
But I'm fightin this evil day and night
I thought to myself what's right and what wrong
And I'm still optimistic and try to remain strong
I say they have no right to what I do
But the drama continues, even before it's through
People become obsessed, and envy in everyway
Thinkin it's their own life's struggle and that's not the case
When does the privacy go to far?
When your life's in jeopardy and you know the law
I send messages to let others know the fears
It seems noone listening or wanting to hear
We as people feel we need to know everything
Sometimes it's good, When your not a puppet and theirs no strings
It's a tuggle of good and bad
What's the limit to one's privacy and being obsessed
Getting one's moment will always be there
Even if it's look at as though a dangerous affair
So I fight for one's privacy and the moment to be
To you have your private moments and be at ease
It's a daily obsession and a need
But it's none of their business, when you want your Privacy?

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