Private, tar, art, ear, era, eat, ate, part, pie, pear, air;
The flow!
The fall,
The rain,
The snow;
Snow, Snowden!
With the muse of the acts of mankind on this earth today.

Private, tea, vat, rate, rite, Pat, it, at, tie, tear, pair;
Of the first snow!
In the cold with your Lover;
At, it!
And, with the muse of your mind.

Ox, or, on, of, off!
Muse, love, with the golden juice;
As seeen in the land of peace.

So, soot, soft, sock, soap, soup, soul!
With the muse of nature;
To, too, took, tool!
The natural thing;
As seen in the land of your muse.

Sin! !
Personla confession;
With the muse of your acts in this village.
Heavy wind!
Hail, rain and snow;
In th eland of the living,
As nature displayed its power.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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