(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

Privileged To Pine

You’re my sunshine.
When you are gone,
Gone is the sunshine.
Also my eye-shine.

You’re my Hormone.
When you are gone,
Gone is the Hormone
Also my backbone.

You are my rain.
When you are gone,
Gone is the rain.
So is my lawn.

You are my sway.
When you’re away
There is no way.
I’m in dismay.

You are my soul.
I am your sole.
Make me not lore,
Instead, console.

Albeit your exit
Memory stays put.
If you are out,
I turn a pervert.

Spike has no pain.
But skin had pain.
My heart is slain.
How to explain?

Who is the cause
For this impasse?
And your pause?
I shall ensconce.

You rein my brain
And rule my vein.
As you abstain
I am sore to pine.

Sight is extinct;
Talk is distant;
Chance is defunct.
But you’re extant.

Be whatever they;
See me to stay
And answer my say.
That only I pray.

You fear me, near.
You hear me, afar.
Your heart is ajar.
I only am aware.

I pine and pine
And find it fine
As I imagine
You in my brain.

You may forget.
You may desert.
I can’t repeat.
I can’t retreat.

Tragedy has a melody.
22.04.2001, Pmdi

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