Girl About Town Eating A Bag Of Crisps

I see a teenage girl,
Eating a bag of crisps,
Outside the newsagent,
Whether the crisps are, bacon,
Ridge steak, or chicken;
Any flavour of potato snack will do,

And she stands there,
Not worrying if passersby stare,
And what they may think,
For she is a girl about town,
Eating a bag of crisps,

This teenage girl isn't overweight,
And she doesn't dress in tracksuits,
Or look an utter state,
And she eats in company,
And will never apologise for hunger,
For she loves eating a pack of crisps,
As well as other food:
Both savoury and sweet,

No matter the weather,
Or season, she finds comfort,
In standing outside the newsagent,
Eating her bag of crisps,
And she knows no matter her age,
She will always enjoy her food,

If people do rudely stare,
She knows she never needs to compare,
Herself to other people,
For it is rude to stare,
And she is a regular down the shop,
And she loves her crisps,
As they open with a pop,
She eats many flavours;
The choices don't stop,
For she is a free spirit,
And respects herself full stop,

Friends come and go,
But she is a permanent girl about town,
Eating a bag of crisps,
Her favourite flavour Smokey bacon,
But never a greedy pig herself.

by Paula Glynn

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Simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing