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Problems And Depression

Problems And Depression

I have an alco friend who tried strangling himself
He also attempted to poison himself
After consuming a bottle of Beam
He swallowed painkillers and nearly died.

I know a bulimic girl who wants to kill herself
She thinks of jumping into a pool
With a heavy brick tied to her neck
After she eats - she always throws up.

I know a girl who cuts herself, so her legs hurt
In the blood she finds relief
She doesn't know the other way
To help her deal with emotional pain

He thinks he is too ugly and will never change
So he's depressed
She thinks she is too fat
So she's depressed

She thinks that her parents don't love her
So she's depressed
Their solutions are worse than their problems...
Which makes me depressed.

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AHH. sorry. i was rating your poem a 10 and i scrolled so it gave a 6. soo sorry. it's definitely a 10.