Problems Solved

Poem By Janice M Pickett

Many of the problems today
stem from what we eat or consume
Artificial sweetners
Flavour enhancers
All cause reactions of some kind or another

in everyone.

Often going un-noticed and left un-cured
Even Alcoholics often suffer
and become addicted because of
certain foods lacking in their diets.

How we react to an addict
and how we respond to other forms of mental illness
boils down to what is causing the condition.

If it's seasonal then allergies need to be fixed.
If its emotional then a balance of essential nutrients are needed.

Often just a change of scenary fixes the problem.
It's not all about taking medication.
Thats not always needed or wanted.


My Poem


He was a loving father

who found he loved to drink

getting drunk took over

as our lives began to sink

She was a loving Mother

who couldn't cope in life

He was losing everything

and she lost her will for life

The children were caught in the middle

they had no-one to whom they could turn

All they wanted was a happy home

but hardship is what they would learn

The Mother held on tighly

but soon her body gave in

The Father drunk more everyday

no idea what was haunting him

Finally in a drunken fit

he knocked him wife to the ground

She ended up in hospital

where a cancer was sadly found

She died a death in misery

her children suffering most

He lived out life a bitter old man

with nothing with which to boast

They found he had a deficiency

and when fed on a special diet

he stopped his drinking permanently

became sober and very quiet.

So I believe without a doubt

that what we put in our mouth

is the reason

of many illnesses of the mind

that haunt throughout the seasons.

Be gentle with the sufferer

they are not well thats for sure

help them change their eating

and help to find the cure

Do not take the problem on

and think you should be hard

the sufferer needs your kindness most

so they can walk that extra yard

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