Please apologize my dear little kids
We have taken your day
Head masters Tie’s weaving
And his drops of sweats wading

Orders to masters and mistresses
Kids stand rigid in lines
Left right, heats of hands up and down
Burning under the reality of hot sun

Rhythms of trumpts, drums and decorations
Officials and owners marches forward
Imitates their subordinates
To quench the thirst of designations

Head master’s searching for water
Weaving Tie is fanning
To pacify the thrust of
Parachute promotions…

Plot: International Children’s Day 2010.
23rd Sunday Lanka News paper, sinhala version submitted by Chithra Malanee Jayakody.

by sisirachandra vaduge

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2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 is 3 quick maths
I like this poem, its interesting
He's saying that people are not merely numbers.
It is showing that every one is equal and that more people is stronger then one.
I think it means that you are stronger with more people but when you subtract someone you are not as strong.
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