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Procedurally Speaking...Of Course!
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Procedurally Speaking...Of Course!

There is a desire...
To have things as they were.
As if things as they were...
Did not then cling onto dire straits.
Moving forward with procedures revamped,
And cleansed of those effects...
To refreshen without defects craved and addicted,
Is a painful awakening.

Ignored or not,
Injections do pinch.
And many faint just from the thought of it!

But procedures as they are,
That fed realities now bleeding heavily...
Do not necessarily stop the ones,
Gathered to posture at organized tea parties.
With the hope to return to a yesterday...
'Independent' in voices raised,
To sing songs of patriotism.

Slices of Apple Pie munched in glee...
Does not erase the fact their precious shores,
Already own and patrolled by foreigners they despise.
Has not prevented them from becoming,
The recipients of lives outsourced and downsized.
With their eyes as wide open as they can get.
And given demands to welcome an enslavement.
Deluded by whatever it is they wish to keep...
Inside their heads.
Are the only options they will have...
When reality has been completely unmasked,
For their undivided upclose inspection!

Procedurally speaking...
Of course!

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