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Process Of Living
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Process Of Living

Poem By AHO Speaks

Most of our lives we believe what others have already said
We accept rather than question as if our mind was dead
Seek and you shall find is invalidated when the mind is led..

We let others tell us what others have already told them
Old thoughts are repeated over and over and over again
Over ten thousand years of thought, law and the rule of only men.

If a mind can form a question, think about it, and then explain
It can use the gift for a lifetime and perhaps again and again
Part of the human living process is to chose and never abstain.

Choice is given to you and need never be a slave to another
A mind is to think, illuminate and enlighten and not smother
The gift of free will includes the individual right to discover.

Be wary of those who say your a sinner and note their gender
They who serve also have a bias and prejudice and an agenda
The contents of each mind will be judged when time we render.

The human mind lies under the dome of our physical frame
It will be the arbitrator of every evil act of human shame
The indiscriminate killing of children is mankind's evil stain.

Every human being has a right to express what they believe
But to impose on another with a threat are words to deceive
Only God the universal creator can adjudicate and relieve.

The trilogy of mankind's behavior is thought, acts and intent
How we use, chose and apply the earthly time we are lent
Humanity is of two genders so why has one usually been absent?

The rule of law has been the rule of primarily earthly men
Seldom incllusive to incorporate the thoughts of many women
Where are the blessed who nurture humanity again and again.

The shepherd of any human flock will answer for their acts
To serve is to give children their time of peace and what they lack
Our soul, mind and habitat will eventually all be taken back.

11-05-05 Aho Speaks

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