(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Proclaiming Preferences

Feeling a bit threatened,
By those proclaiming preferences?
Only to then become offended,
When you have been omitted...
From being a preference one admits.
How traumatic?
And why is this?

One at first feeling threatened,
Should now feel relieved.
But noooo!

They decide they would like,
To taunt those proclaiming them.
Especially if those preferences,
Has anything to do with sex.
And those choices that have been expressed...
Does not include them as addressed.

It was only when those preferences were announced,
Did those previously minding their own business...
Went about doing what they normally would do.
Snooping between gossip hops.
With an attempt to acquire details...
About who does what with what they've got.

Then one day those with preferences,
Unlocked their doors and came out of closets.
And caring less who passed judgement on them.
They sought a happiness.
From lifestyles that had one time or another,
Had them feel both closed and trapped in.

Now today...
Those with old gossip,
Have nothing to say.
If fact they seem embittered...
To stay in relationships,
Daring to admit...
Their own activities,
Have long skipped over...
And beyond a 'curiousness'.

'What's the matter?
You look upset.'

~That 'misfit' told me,
I was not desirable...
On a kept preference list.
Can you believe this?
And I 'know' I am desirable...
IF I decided to choose to be!
And IF I wanted to be selected and picked.~

'Selected and picked?
For what? '

~You know.
For 'whatever' it is...
Those two over there are doing.~

'What are they doing? '

~You can not see what they are doing?
Look at them...
And how they are looking at each other,
With 'those'...eyes.
Out in public.
I am highly offended AND appalled.~

'What are you talking about? '

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