Alfalfa And Country Girl

The alfalfa smells fresh and pure
Her hair is filled with the alfalfa odour
When the spring annually to arrive
The air around is scented in this kind

Opening her growth diary, she writes -
Grasses will turn yellow and dry
My alfalfa won't change and fade
The seed of rustic flower is sown in my mind

by Cigeng Zhang

Comments (4)

Oh my word! I wish he'd taken another toke and contemplated his navel a few days until the desire to drool words all over the page disappeared in a cloud of radioactive fingers clinging to the mountain passes under the clams and starfish swimming in the land of madness. Ha! I am now officialy a Dadist poet. I made no sense at all
I would call this 'Proclamation without Pretension or Poetry.' I hate to sound like LP, but there is really no sound to this, and it's very didactic. There's no attachment to show who translated this so it can only be judged as a translation, and in my book, that is always judged as a second poem and a collaboration between poet and translator. The lines I liked best were: 'UNIQUE we are a seal of NOTHING We affirm the VITALITY of every IN- STANT' .SAS.
i am mixed up amoung the crowd again on this one, the sky has just stepped on my toes from a star
this i like...........