(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Proclivities Of Subjected Idealistic Objectiveness

It is easy for many to beat around,
And hide in bushes.
Defend their opinions in places of safety.
Lie to protect their own deceiving backs.
And criticize those who take public attack.

It is easy for many to not take a stand.
To uphold their weak beliefs.
Since they seek someone's approval.
Someone certified with a title.
Someone who impresses,
With equal shallowness.
With a life that stays on slow idle.

It is easy for many to follow folks like these.
And it is easier for those who see people like them,
As the reasons why today's society...
Has no backbone to straighten out their own children,
With discipline, respect and a quality of life they accept.
And these folks should be these kids idols.

This is easy to see,
From an objective perceptivity subjected to one's idealistic proclivities.
With professed desires confessed to have realized.

This is easy to see for...

'For anyone who knows what in world your'e talking about!

With the proclivities of subjected idealistic objectiveness?
What is that suppose to mean?
And for who?
And why should they care? '


Case closed.
Come back and say it with some feeling attached.
I ain't feeling this at all!
In fact,
You bore me with this mess!
And I'm on the children's side.
You've got to break this down...
So we can see eye to eye!
You 'feel' me? '

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Wonderful and encouraging. Keep writing!