(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

I Laugh

I laugh when i the clouds cry rain drops upon us,
the saddness they must feel.
If this world could only heal,
all the sins people steal.
There will be no forgiving,
for this finial day on thanksgiving.
The clouds are like a baby being born into this world.
They laugh, when they see the fear in there parents eyes,
alittle part of there sole dies.
For if that isnt enough,
the babies face was on fire.
For he saw for the first time,
the fake tears people made as the mother is taken by the clouds above us.
They say everything happens for a reason.
For that sight,
that baby will have to fight.
He must hang tight,
for that last tear the cloud brings is the turning point;
For that baby has taken the wrong path,
I laugh when i see that baby catch that last rain dropp in its bath.

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Rudyard Kipling


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