Procrastinator ~ For The Man That Lives Near The Subway

Driven to the brink
I rest my stoned head
on the pavement
The cold cement freezes my skin
and jolts me to reality
Another day gone by

Where am I?
What am I doing?
What happened to my dreams?
My desires? My hopes?
Have I lost it all?
A nonentity? A cast off?
A debris of life?

No! This cannot be
This was not meant to be
I am a man!
Created in the image of God
But! Look at me now
An insignificant
A stigma to mankind

Was I born for this?
No! It cannot be
I am much too better
I am somebody!
Damn it!
Look at me!
I am a man!

Ah! But why waste the night
Let me sleep now
I am tired
I will do something better

Where am I?
What am I doing?
The cold pavement of another night
The same realities confront me

by Lynette Dias Gouveia

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Early poetry shows that years of experience don't necessarily make a huge difference. You were good then as well. H