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Prodigal, Part 4: Runaway
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

Prodigal, Part 4: Runaway

Together, they run.
The bus's rolling
The train's rolling
Collectively carry them away.
They have
Differing motives:
Her, for love
(Or some imposter
Who threatens to drink her dry.)
He, for hate.
(Of all that has blessed him
And brought him to where he was.)

She sits in the train
As she did on the bus:
Alone, but not without
His warmth.

She wants him,
If only to know
He cared.

But he does not:

He cannot care for her,
As he cannot care for himself.
Instead, he only cares
For where he is:
Not far enough, yet.
They still might
Find him.
Katie is foolish, he thinks,
Trying to find love,
From one devoted to selfish passions.
For him, all she offers is fulfillment of his lust.
Now, he could not care.
She is part of his past,
From which he is
A runaway.

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