Prodigal Sequel: A Sensation Of The Flesh

Poem By Gil Gregorio

See, within a carousel of fleshy bellows
The spirit within pounds a thousand heart:
Forgetting the established principles learned
Just to satisfy an ember of curiosity;
As many things was just of earrings reach
In the gallows of pureness and serendipity.
The sensations was so subtle but erratic
While the conscience requires to quit the desire
The flesh commands a strong urge to push through.
And the course wind up something so unpalatable
Within the perforation of somewhat elegant sense
As the fleshy urge creep up above the limitations!
And deep within this insurmountable desires
Everything in me was overwhelmed by its enticings.
It was never before an event, much of flirtations
Neither was it a clogged eloquent banterings
As the sensation enveloped me into a pit
Which I know was largely dark and fiery.
All that I can utter was sorry...
And repentance was neither a gift
Nor a freely bargain after committing a sin.
And I know that punishment is about to gain
A rudely pain of my own wickedness...
A lonely walk back to the long path of return
To expect an unwavering amnesty from the Lord above.
A long road that tersely invite a wave of lonely hand
Waiting a hug from those who were caring
For I now know the price of curiosity begets pain
And everything of it kills the worthiness
Of long ago...but now a base of iniquities.

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