(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Produced To Reduce Suspicions

One can only fake a doing of 'that' undone,
To express vehemently in dramatic fashion...
With a convincing of those willing to listen,
For so long and in prolonged...
Moments of entertaining exaggerations,
Some addicted to it have given adulation.

Until the day comes along,
When those curiosities...
Fed to those feeding on embellishments,
Begin with a questioning to seek some evidence...
Of that which one says has been done to do,
Is requested to be produced to reduce suspicions.

I 'think' there has been a misunderstanding.
When I stated I performed at the White House,
I actually pretended to faint.
And that's when I was offered to stand closer,
To the front of the line before I took the visitor's tour.'

~And your reception before the President?
And how you gazed into his eyes?
Was that also an embellishment? ~

'Oh no.
For some reason he stared at me,
When I shouted he appeared taller in person...
Than he does on TV.'

Did you not actually 'perform' upon request,
Inside the White House.~

'That depends on what you interpret as a performance.
Inside the White House,
I was approached AND asked...
If I had any stage experience.
So 'naturally' I admitted I did.'

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