(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Product For The Archives

Those that ridiculed and found time to do it...
Can not be too bright.
Not to percieve actions taken,
Like these today...
Do not come back seeking,
A return to nibble for a bigger bite.

Where are those who claim to have 'some' insight? '

It's funny how things twist and turn,
To ultimately leave those frazzled.
Change has exploded upon the scene,
With a tremendous dose of 'wake up'.
Stable foundations aren't so stable it seems.

And those that did not catch it.
Or expect it to come as it has...

'Hello? Anybody home?
I'm sorry...
I didn't expect anyone in the attic!
The lack of 'light' gave no clue.'

Your fantasies are now product for the archives!

Aint nothing you once believed,
Will be revived.

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