Profession Of Faith

Poem By Patricia Gale

A moment you wished you could remain in
That day you wanted to never stop
The time you professed your heart
When all was released
And you found inner peace

For some it comes but once in a life time
Through faith we may remain
Our hopes our dreams
All seeming possible
When at last we surrender

Finding what has been missing
The void that was never filled
Completeness and oneness
In Him, through Him and by Him
Creating a love that will never fade

The light that was brought inside
Shining for all to see
From His hand to mine
An eternal flame
That shall never be extinguished

Comments about Profession Of Faith

Beautifully said. Nothing can compensate for having that meaningless void filled. Nicely written. Very elegant
a very uplifting piece of poetry, moves the heart.
There is nothing so strong or as wonderful as faith... and as you know we have 3 wonderful things offered... faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these, without a doubt, is love. God Bless CJ
I know just where to look when I need a serene, uplifting, inspiring piece. You did not disappoint. t x
inner search is the goal of life

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