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Profile Of An Old Shoe.By Sonam Bhutia.
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Profile Of An Old Shoe.By Sonam Bhutia.

Poem By sonam bhutia

Old, tattered and torn.
Full of wrinkles,
punctures and mundane.
Devoid of charm and luster.
Shunned by each
and all,
like curse.

Substituted by new
and energetic perfection.
And discarded the imperfection,
feeble and unabled,
into a nook…
or in gutter.
As dethroned a king,
from disabled reign.

Nonetheless, it’s new
and perfect.
To destitutes and paupers.
Who darn punctures
and tatters,
into bizarre…
shapes and colours.
‘And here I am once again,
to serve and muffle…
your wretched bare feet.’

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