(1949 / Fort Smith, AR)

Profiling The Prophet-2

Truth’s circumference, in life, is between opposites of the whole.
In olden times prophets and seers were opposites, I’m told.
Prophets are born, chosen, and destined to speak for God alone.
Fundamentally they are higher than kings with rarely a throne.

Firehouse reflectors of normalcy, they bring righteous change.
Guided on chequered boards so even nations are rearranged.
Gifted judges set-up by a Holy God, with no need for pension.
Challenging the basis of cheap-grace void of agape’s redemption.

God's mouthpiece a blazing sword, before the Lord they stand.
Not a Bible in hand but Truth-at-heart helps finishes God's plan.
As a whirlwind, His Spirit-wind shakes what’s not plumbed right.
A Brazen wall against the chaff, God brings joy against the fight.

Fearlessly bold, they challenging false gods who calm divinity.
Times they're hidden, till commissioned for sovereigns posterity.
They warn and proclaim God’s power over mindsets of guile.
Prayer-walking they breathe His love and life for Wisdom’s style.

Reviled, persecuted, and misunderstood by evil and even good.
Prophets are born, not made; to society they're oft' quite rude.
Powered by divine strategies, they are upheld by Angels, led.
What a cost of to shake nations when their giftings are misread.

Faith-quakers channel Love in alignment, by God's Word agreed.
Hardly a home, their mouth is governed by God’s Word decreed.
Prophets act-out God’s plan; being the eyes of His people, see.
As watchmen in high places they'll know you, and your destiny~.

by ArmourQuill Hunter

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