(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Profit Watchers

Profit watchers.
And thug betting racketeers,
Are of a similar mindset.
With abilities to come and leave,
Anyone they can intimidate...
To a succumbing of weeping tears.

They represent 'constituents'.
Those faithful who follow...
Religiously and/or politically,
Relying on receipts they receive to get.
For duties performed to ensure people reap,
Big bucks for deeds with beliefs their interests...
Are kept wisely invested
In a practice that continues keeping cash pocketed.

It's the business of deception,
People pray to God that stays that way.
It's the business of deception,
Worshipped with wishes success is trhe benefit.
It's the business of deception,
That leaves people possessing deeper debts.
It's the business of deception,
Profit watchers sell to get more hooked on hype...
To market addictions of thoughts that feed,
A need for greed to accumulate more tasteless waste.

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