From seven-palm-tree depth of ocean
Tsunami of desires blew up.
Pushed the cloud away
Since than the ocean wails
With bouncing waives
To get back.

Teen eager and Alexandrian desire
Monsoon cloud eager to pervade
Floats on and on
For gold and glee.

Stag jumped off to a valley of bounty,
Ampule opened to mesmerize.
Instigated to roll on gold to squelch
And amused to squeal.

Wailing ocean embossed on
The amulet hanging on cloud.
Stag saw, recalled and turned squirrel
To climb up the cloud
Drained out to detergent white
And being towed away.

Cloud: with conflicts but consistent
Ocean: wailing but deep and calm
Hugs on bosoms
Cloud melts to drops in ocean.

Hrushikesha Mohanty
19th April 2008

by Hrushikesha Mohanty

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