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Poem By Will Thomas

(for my children, and for all my friends on shore)

Forty-nine days later,
after his wife
-operatically and quite literally-
in the desolate 4 a.m.-ness of a bleak November morning,
walked out
on him, a fifteen-year marriage, and a foolish gray cat
(antiseptic words of 'feelings for someone else' trailing after her,
searing snapshots of betrayals and manipulations
washing over him,
a spiraling descent,
hell beyond flame or forgiveness) :

Forty-nine days later,
faint and flickering indications of a pulse:
the first 24 hours without tears,
ragged sobbing,
primal screaming on hands and knees.

And today,
scarcely a week or so beyond
that timid shadow of a victory,
this piecemeal poet,
teacher of history, literature (irony, symbol) ,
rescued three or four Christmas ornaments
from the 75%-off table at the local Pier One-
not at all the intent of this mid-January outing,
but they caught (his heart) his eye.

Hours later,
while he vacuumed the family room carpet,
the thought began to find its shape:
leftover ornaments,
a holiday almost 12 months away,
an unintentioned nod to a future
where he might find a place.

A 57-year-old man,
famished, of late, for death
(clumsy, pathetic,
and ultimately aborted footfalls in that direction:
garage exhaust,
a belt in the basement eaves on the night before Christmas,
a colorfully lethal trail mix of three different anti-depressants) :

This man,
it turns out,
is going to live.

And, yes,
(tucked away on a bitter and chill January eventide,
awaiting the swaddling darkness,
the healing dance of candlelight) ,

this man,
now sitting up
and taking nourishment,

this man,
this man

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Comments (3)

Odd, the shapes hope assumes in our darkest or most pathetic and lonely moments. This poem is more beautiful than sad, in its hopeful determination. Live long and well, Writer...
Well that's just great Mr S; not only have you made me cry, you've made me admit to it. Live you will indeed - who else is going to put up with me? Truly wonderful. Hugs Anna xxx
Thank you Will for such a great piece of writting. Writtings like this don't come everyday. It is deep and appreciated. One of the best I've seen on here....Steve