Today it matters less,
How one dresses to impress.
Or speaks with a calm voice,
Filled to the brim delivering sincerity.
And smiling gently as eyes sparkle bright.
Fixed on another and emitting to emote,
Nothing but the purest intention.
And an honesty blood hounds,
Would never sniff around to suspect deception.

Back up slowly.
Offer any excuse to leave immediately.
And by all means remain respectful.
Since what you may be witnessing,
Is the next method created...
To completely have you convinced,
That there are people still existing...
With no ulterior evil motives.
With hearts of gold and loving.
Either what appears before you,
Is a test of some kind.
Or this drug this person has taken,
Is time released.
Do not await to become victimized.
Do not become tricked and duped.
And if you just happen to be visiting,
From another place where people are seen...
Chasing one another through the streets.
And gossiping telling the freshest of lies.
Know that returning back to that atmosphere,
Is more than likely to represent reality.
And today...
Someone coming from places unknown,
And doesn't hesitate to express interest...
In someone else.
And seems to have nothing to hide?
This may be,
The latest in programmable robots.
Pleasant, respectful, caring, thoughtful and kind.
And probably comes with a high price to pay,
To keep it staying that way fully charged.
Do not be fooled.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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