Programmed Minds

Poem By Noel Taylor

Why does every Black, Latino, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian have to go to school just to succeed without starting their own businesses or their own schools to succeed?

Why were murders of Black people ok in the 70's,80's and 90's to the supreme court when whites did it and got away with it?

Why was the murder of Emmit Till at the age of 14 murdered and whites got away with it?

What was the real reason why Michael Jackson died born in 1958, not in 2008 but dead in 2009?

What was the real reason why Bob Marley died for the helping of his own Black people and inspiration give to other races from him?

How come whites got to sit in the front of the bus and blacks had to sit in the back?

How come the Million Man March never got fused with bombs or bombs thrown at it?

How come Louis Farrakhan was never killed or attacked?

I'm happy to say Black power and Black is beautiful blacks don't age so fast and their skin don't crack?

Does having power or being a powerful man in America really matter?

Does money make the world go round and round every day?

Does someone religion or the color of their skin really matter as long as their doing the works, will, and following the principles of God?

Does the color of any human skin matters if their demonic ways are cleaned up from God and God himself is inside them to make them more human?

Do celebrities or people who are living an ordinary lifestyle know what to do with so much money?

Does having wealth and knowing what to do with millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions, quintillions, sextillions, septillions, octillions, Nonillions, Decillions, Undecillions, Duodecillions, Tredecillions, Quattuordecillions, Quindecillions, Sexdecillions, Septendecillions, Octodecillions, Novemdecillion, vigintillions, and centillion matters?

Where are our Millionaires, Billionaires, and Trillionaires?

Where are our Quadrillionaires, Quintillionaires, and Sextillionaires?

Where are our Octillionaires, Nonillionaires, and Decillionaires?

Where are our Undecillionaires, Duodecillionaires, and Tredecillionaires?

Where are our Septendecillionaires, Octodecillionaires, and Novemdecillionaires?

Where are our vigintillionaires, and centillionaires?

Who will be the first black man who will become a quadrillionare?

Who will be the first black man to become a sextillionaire?

Who will be the first Black man to become a Centillionaire?

Who will be the first sextillionaire or centillionaire of any race?

I show would like to know.

A million has six zeros in it.

A billion has nine zeros in it.

A trillion has 12 zeros in it.

A quadrillion has 15 zeros in it.

A sextillion has 21 zeros in it.

A septillion has 24 zeros in it

An octillion has 27 zeros in it.

A Nonillion has 30 zeros in it.

A Decillion has 33 zeros in it.

A undecillion has 36 zeros in it.

A Duodecillion has 39 zeros in it?

A tredecillions has 42 zeros in it?

A quattordecillion has 45 zeros in it?

A quindecillion has 48 zeros in it.

A sex decillion has 51 zeros in it.

A Septendecillion has 54 zeros in it.

An octodecillion has 57 zeros in it.

A Novemdecillion has 60 zeros in it.

A vigintillion has 63 zeros in it.

A Centillion has 303 zeros in it.

I believe programmed minds are people looked at from poor status to rich status. I believed programmed minds are every wealthy, powerful, and superiority having their own ways of seeing things about people across the world period.

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