During the last 100 years man has accomplished much
It's amazing what a machine can do with just a touch.
We have been able to put a man on the moon
Radio waves were invented to send forth enjoyable tunes. Almost every home has at least one tv
There's innumerable choices of programs to see.
Jet airplanes have brought the world closer to us
And automobiles today are considered a must. I'm sure when indoor plumbing came around
Folks thought that was the best idea in town.
Many electrical appliances have been patented to date
They help make a housewife's job first rate.
To some computers and faxes are necessary today
People depend on these machines for their pay.
Pills have been discovered to lengthen our days
And improve our life in a variety of ways. But men and women still grow old and die
And doctors and scientists don't know why.
Wars continue to be fought in all parts of the world
You can't imagine the destruction they hurl. Crime is more rampant than ever before
Some people are afraid to go out their front door.
Poverty is still very much with us today
No one has found out how to equal everyone's pay. Although man has certainly tried his best
He can't seem to correct the problems that are left.
Perhaps it's time to look to a higher source
That would be He who created us - listen to his voice.

by Jean Blome

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