Black Dog Coffeehouse

Around 1615 coffee came to Western Europe
Raising a huge controversy and warning cry.
Some said it was intoxicating and poisonous
And any whom consume it will die.

No one knows how coffee was discovered
Though it is said its effects were known before A.D.575.
Persian armies carried and ate its seeds for strength
Which in battle could decide who would perish or survive.

Arabs where the first to brew its bitter seeds into a drink
In a attempt to make it taste better and easier to consume.
Soon the new beverage spread to Turkey and Europe
As the world became addicted to the harvest of it's bloom.

Thank God for caffeine found in coffee
Which helps multitudes make it through the day.
Like ancestors of the past it helps energy to last
And for its stimulant we are eager to pay.

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by Tom Zart

Comments (3)

From stone age to digital age it is a really a long journey. Great inventions in science forward coming frequently. Progress in history marks the elemental foot steps. Excellent work.
Yes you are true..yet I think - Progress of our- robust to fragile - stone to digital..thank you
A journey from the Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic, from the Stone Age to the Digital Age! What advancement man has made through the ages! From the cave man he has progressed to the suprerman with discoveries and new inventions! Computers and internet have brought in unprecedented changes and progress! I really like the way you have ended the poem! Tomorrow a wonderful exclamation And together with a question mark..............Great Write!