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Prolific Slacker

i'm sitting down
prepping for the night here
have three pass through me before i even open up the page
they are far gone now
i used to sweat that alot
i found it's like an exit on the turnpike
you might get back there
but it will be by a different route
different experience
now i just change destinations
it doesn't really matter anyway
i'm in search of the american dream
and it is anywhere
the unicorns thrive

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I like your style of language Nat, you run it well. I am not sure what the hell you are on about though! lol searching through the pages of PH perhaps? trying to find the answer to what the hell happened to that dream? I feel for you as I am sure, you as an american, feel for the rest of us, having to rely on a gnome for our survival! lol Should that be 'through' on the 3rd line? Smiling at you, Tai