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Promiscuous Playboy's Painful Plight (Part 2)

I feel very mad,
after seeing my friend wailed and wept,
covering all over his body are skin rashes,
which prompts him to STD (sexually transmitted disease) specialist,
whose initial diagnosis is secondary syphilis,
for which he himself is the only culprit.
Strong (+) ve lab test sends him a wave of big shock,
like stricken by the thunder bolt.

Then he recalls making love with a woman,
it is about 9 months after it happened.
He wore the condom in double layers,
making sure it would not rupture,
so that he wouldn't have an exposure.
She kissed him French kiss....so wet,
He thought it was the sweetest and the best,
not knowing that it was actually the kiss of death,
because mouth, lip and tongue was the point of entrance,
where the defence was the most vulnerable and the weakest,
because on her lip was an ulcer of syphilitic sore,
which in late stage, at heart and brain it would gnaw.

His wife is now 8 months pregnant,
About the disease she is very ignorant,
The baby inside her womb is very innocent.

Though the sexual pleasure is very transient,
damage done is severe and permanent,
not only to self but also to wife and baby,
for whom he feels very very sorry.

Then he realises that that woman was not an angel,
actually she was a demon from the hell.
He starts to cast a long spell of curse,
but at him, she would have a loud mocking laugh.

What if his child is born with congenital syphilis?
It will be like on his head a thunder hit.
Now the syphilis bug has scared the shit out of his daylight.
Now the picture of kissing couple has haunted him in the night.
Now shame and guilt has consumed him for the rest of his life.

If he meets woman other than his wife, he would refuse with a 'No.'
because he knows that the syphilis recognises neither friend nor foe.

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this is powerful and heavy like a nightmare but really happening every day. every day and you just never know who is passing on WHAT to WHOM and the mind convinces you at the moment that this other person MUST be OK....sadly you don't have to be a playboy. It could be your very first time. And the guilt of hurting one's own child. God forgives but will he ever forgive himself? Great Poem!