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Promiscuous Playboy's Painful Plight

I feel very sad,
after seeing my friend in hospital bed.
He is so thin and gaunt,
due to flare-up of AIDS with its haunt.
Before that, he was healthy and stout,
he could knock out the opponent in 1st bout.
He was muscular and strong,
he could fight boxing round after round.
He was also addicted to playing sex game,
thinking his virility never wane.
I warned him to avoid sexual promiscuity,
but he said ' mind your own business, don't worry, '
Contracting the sexually-transmitted-disease is very, very slim,
so rare the chance, like the lottery win,
it will be other people, not him.
Falling on the deaf ear were my warning words,
he would rather lick the honey on the edge of the sword.

One day he met a gorgeous woman,
in a one-night stand.
The play became very rough,
and the players were very tough.
The game was so long and hard,
that the condom had a disrupt,
and moreover he was very drunk.
Several months after that,
his health became no more robust.
He felt tired, lethargy,
depressed and unhappy.

One day he suffered high fever bout after bout.
In his mind, suspicion of deadly disease began to arouse.
(+) lab test had stricken him like a death sentence.
His heart almost stopped in an instant.

Now his days are going to numbered,
painful death will come to him in rumble.
His defence line is very vulnerable,
his immune system is totally weak and miserable.
All the enemies....bacteria, virus and fungus invade unchecked,
his body is buffeted from the relentless attack.
Body wasting so severe that only bony frame left.

Before that, my friend said having the disease was not me, not me,
Now he asks ' why me? , why me? , why me..? ? ? ? '
I say because the virus knows neither friend nor enemy.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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