Poem By Brouce Mompremier

What is a promise? Is it the insurance company for the world of love? Do we ever keep a promise that we make or are they just said or meant to be fake. Promises give you hope, hope that you can rely on like when night hits there’s no worry because day is soon to come. Can I promise you happiness for the rest of your days, one would say yes but how could I if I have a daily struggle to keep myself satisfied. If love is impatient then what is a promise, when do we use them, and when should they be kept or broken. If a promise is a guarantee for the future why do we stress so much over the present, it shouldn’t matter because I have a guarantee or insurance that my future is going to be better. But that can’t be true because everything that I do from here on out affects that future for the good or bad. So from here on out don’t make me promise cause I can’t see a beautiful future without a good looking present.

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As I Look Into You

As I look into you
As my eyes look into yours I see what I need.
I see happiness for both you and me.
As I look into those eyes I see a soul that begs for comfort and love.

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