Weep Not Africa!

I lent my heart to the finest breeze,
Sat my soul upon the stillness of its
And wandered far and wide-
Beyond bars of sinister clouds
Where the sky caved and fell-
To sip strands of a new sun.

Through the punctured symphony of
falling seas
I transcended the grey eyes of African
Forged by the denudating winds of
Through houses shattered like kernel
Through rivers sweetened with tears,
Through the stench of songs
Canned too long in children's mouths;

Through the heavy lappas of Libyan women
Billowing in agony,
Through the ashes of histories
Lining the roof tops of Central African
Through the heavy mutterings of Chibok maidens

Grieved, i broke into low-footed
'Weep not dear Africa! ,
Our destination is a coast inside the
Where the new sun sleeps
With the cure for our keening soil'

by Abubakar Abdulkadir

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