Promise Of The Summer Rose

I fathomed not when summers' left
Having gifted my garden spare,
A yellowed primrose - bright and gay
Of which I was not aware.

It stood forlorn in summer wind
Having thwarted the glowing sun,
Battled alone for days at end
And I knew not it had won.

Awaited me as long as could
Yet it had to shrivel some day,
For the skies showed it no mercy
Its mates long withered away.

I chanced on it at summers' end
And was moved by its saddened plight,
It said - I have awaited you
In my long and endless blight.

To add cheer to your laboured life
That it's upheavals you could cope,
Leave you with shreds of golden faith
And impress your heart with hope.

Grieve not when I am dead and gone
For you still have a longer way,
I promise to meet once again
On some lonely summers' day.

by Amar Agarwala

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