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Promise Rings Dont Mean A Thing
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Promise Rings Dont Mean A Thing

Poem By alicia mullins

you asked me if I'd rock your promise ring
but to me those dont mean a thing
you can throw them away or lose them, its as simple as that
but you cant do that to a promise cause a promise is a fact
if i asked you to promise not to lie, cheat, or beat
would you be able to promise that... would that be a promise you could keep
could you really promise that you'll always be there
or are you word full of lies cause deep down you dont care
i need to know that if someone was talkin about me you'd defend me
promise to let nothing come between us, its just you and me
see promise rings dont mean a thing
its when you make a promise that actually means something
so dont make a promise you cant keep
cause once you break a promise thats the end of you and me

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Broken promises can hurt so much and this poem says it all as to what can happen if that was to take place and the consequences of those actions. Great job. Rosemary